Bad Design Awards


Bad Design Awards platform has especially been founded to collect observations, insights and ideas from participants who had sour experiences with various design awards, idea competitions and innovation contests.

Utilizing the Bad Design Awards platform, participants are able report immoral competitions, misconducts in contests, issues in awards, cheating participants, competition organizers and sponsors. Participants and organizers are also able to provide their constructive suggestions and feedbacks regarding design competitions. Registered complaints will not be made visible to public; however competition organizers will be given chance to login and view all complaints made against them.  To file a report, click here.

Bad Design Awards platform also publishes an annual white paper, discussing the most controversial issues regarding design contests without pin-pointing any of the competition organizers or participants. Within this white-paper, submitted complaints are de-identified and competition names are anoymized. The white paper includes four headings: 1. Policy suggestions for award organizers and competition hosts. 2. Guidelines for participants. 3. Status quo and trends in design competition-scape. 4. Statistics regarding most controversial issues. To download the white-paper please click here.

It is aimed that these policy suggestions and guidelines included in the white paper could be used for organizing better design contests that not only respects designers’ rights, but provide more value to contestants.

Bad Design Awards platform does not provide or assign any ratings for the reported competitions in order not to encourage submission of exaggerated reports. Bad Design Awards platform does not publicly share any of the submitted comments either in order to make sure that submitted comments are not used for bashing or wrong purposes. However, competitions that have been reported multiple times are directly contacted and made aware of the submitted reports, so that solutions could be found or improvements could be made. If you are representitive of a competition, please contact us.

Designers and organizers could submit their insights on any of the design competitions by filling a simple online form at

Bad Design Awards platform is owned and operated by which provides a listing of all design competitions and contests organized around the globe.