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At this page, you could submit your negative experiences with design competitions by responding a few questions and writing a short report.

It is common that some competition organizers could exploit designers through their terms and agreements or through general conduct. In this section, you could report major or minor issues relating to your negative experiences with design competitions, and of course mention positive ones as well. However, please note that we do not accept anonymous comments or complaints to avoid double-entry and also to ensure that the comments are made by real participants. Your comments will be de-identified and anonymized in the final white paper available to public, however they will be made available to the organizers, unless you would indicate otherwise.

Tips: Please note that each ticket/report should convey a single/particular problem regarding a single design competition or contest. If you wish to report multiple issues or competitions, please re-fill and re-submit the form for each of the distinct issues. If you wish to submit your general experience with multiple design competitions, leave the URL field as is. Please delete any existing text in the boxes and fill with your own responses.

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— Do you seek refunds? Do you seek an apology? Let us know.
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Did you pay any money?
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How did you discover?
How did you learn about the existence of this competition at the first place?

— Did you find them on google? Or did you see them on a magazine or find their ads? Please indicate in detail.
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